My first book, She and Her Pretty Friend, is out May 2023 with Ultimo Press. 


While completing my Arts degree in Creative Writing and History, I was a regular contributor and subeditor for publications such as FarragoJudy’s Punch, and CAMP. With assistance from the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, I founded and edited the University of Melbourne’s first undergraduate history journal. Chariot has become an augural print journal and is now in its fifth year.

In 2019 my experimental essay ‘Be Gay, Do Crime: Or, the Ballad of Catherine and Ellen’ was shortlisted for the Deakin University Nonfiction Prize.

My Honours thesis, completed in the same year and supervised by Joy Damousi, was highly commended by the Australian Queer Archives.

In 2021 I was a finalist for Forty South Magazine’s Van Diemen History Prize 2020-2021. My essay ‘Fiendish Fondness for Sin: Homosexuality and the Tasmanian Gothic’ is included in the Van Diemen Anthology.

Published work:

Lovely and Secret: The Life of a Poet’s Muse, Katie Anna Lush’, Lilith Journal, 2021

Heteronormativity and popular history’, Archer, 2021

‘Springsteen Down Aisle Five’, Scum Mag, 2020

What a feeling! The eroticism of Flashdance, Overland, 2020

thoughts & feelings with paul keating’, Voiceworks, 2019

Laughing Matters: bringing queerness into comedy festivals’, Archer, 2019 

‘Beyond and Within’, Scum Mag, 2018

Queering the Past: the learned absence of homosexuality in Australian history’, Overland, 2018